CragLev Story and How it get Started

In 2018, we began researching ways to combat climate change by sequestering airborne carbon dioxide into magnesium carbonate climbing chalk. 

After successfully developing a prototype, we decided on a few basic criteria that it must meet:
1. It must be carbonated by carbon dioxide in the ambient air (known as direct air capture, or DAC).
2. All ingredients must be environmentally friendly and not use mined magnesite as a base ingredient.
3. The performance characteristics must match mined magnesite-based chalk options. Generally, synthetic magnesium carbonate chalk tends to sacrifice performance compared to mined chalk. Our prototype is as high-performing as magnesite chalk.

We were able to meet all three goals by utilizing a similar refinement process as magnesite-based chalk, but changing ingredients to those that are environmentally friendly, as well as one key ingredient that is carbon-negative. This allows us to recapture some of the carbon dioxide used to make the chalk. 

Fast forward a few years and CragLev is now the eco-friendly high performance climbing chalk!

Why CragLev is Important

CragLev is a rock climbing chalk that makes a difference in fighting climate change.
Check out below how CragLev climbing chalk measures up: 


CragLev is made from carbon dioxide captured directly from the atmosphere and permanently stored in mineral form as synthetic magnesium carbonate in a process known as direct air carbon capture and storage (or DACCS). This is important for not only fighting climate change, but CragLev also helps limit environmentally damaging chalk mining by creating a high-performance synthetic climbing chalk.


The patented process for CragLev is a bit different than many other carbon capture methods because it uses airborne carbon dioxide as a resource to create an alternative to importing it from large-scale, environmentally damaging mining operations.


The chalk in every bag of CragLev consists of 29% pure magnesium and 71% pure carbonate that was removed directly from the atmosphere! The reason it is solid is because it has been ionically bonded to the magnesium, creating the mineral magnesium carbonate. With CragLev, every time you chalk up, you’re contributing to a naturally occurring process known as mineral weathering and keeping that carbon locked away for good!

Meet the Inventor of CragLev

Eric Phillips addressed the need for a truly carbon-negative product that can be produced in bulk, as well as addressed sustainability issues in a notoriously unsustainable industry: magnesite (magnesium carbonate) production.
Eric is a former US Army member. He served as a bomb disposal technician. He is the inventor of the process of producing Carbonized chalk.

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