CragLev the Carbon Capturing Chalk

Have you ever thought to yourself as you chalk up: “I wish this chalk could fight climate change”? Probably not, but CragLev does!

Why CragLev

CragLev is made from carbon dioxide captured directly from the atmosphere and permanently stored in mineral form as synthetic magnesium carbonate in a process known as direct air carbon capture and storage (or DACCS).

Pro Environment

The chalk in every bag of CragLev consists of 29% pure magnesium and 71% pure carbonate that was removed directly from the atmosphere!


The patented process for CragLev is a bit different than many other carbon capture methods because it uses airborne carbon dioxide as a resource to create an alternative to importing it from large-scale, environmentally damaging mining operations.

CragLev Story

Learn more about CragLev, how it got started, and why this climbing chalk is important.

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